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About us...

Amongst the sites we host are official mirrors for some well known open source projects such as Samba, Linux Documentation Project, and Netfilter to name a few, we also host some smaller projects and community groups websites and Emails, and low traffic systems admin mailing lists.

Our servers run Slackware, one of the very original and oldest surviving Linux distributions, Slackware was the distro that was later used as a base for newer distros, like Red Hat, and Debian. We use Linux not just because it's free, but because of Linux's rock solid stability, reliability and performance. ISP's, Web Hosting Providers, Google, the New York Stock Exchange, even NASA run Linux - would you seriously trust the space shuttle if Windows was used? Scary thought isn't it!

We use Slackware because one of its most important qualities is the team do not screw with or hack the crap out of packages like others (RedHat, Debian, SuSE and their variants Fedora and Ubuntu etc) do, take for example the most common and popular DNS server software bind, if it was meant to be in seven or eight mini packages, I'm sure ISC would have released it as such, also, I'm sure many of us remember the incredible chaos Debian stupidly caused by applying a patch to openssl that even the openssl guys rejected as bad, the worse thing about that was not only was every Debian box at risk, so was every other machine and OS (including Windows, Macs) that installed an SSL certificate generated on a Debian machine. The end result of Slackware not butchering programs, not thinking they know better than and in staying true to form with packages upstream (the original software developers) is, very few issues arise, this has proved Slackware highly stable and rock solid for two decades, and with releases supported for over five years by default, Slackware makes for an excellent choice in SOHO, Government and Enterprise Server environments.

All key services are in-house in Brisbane, so we are not bogged down in red tape restrictions or delayed access to shared data centres, or even third party tech support if problems arise.

The key people running the show have experience dating back over 20 years in Unix/Linux Systems and Network Administration for corporate enterprises, Web Hosts and ISP's, but, as you can tell from the pathetic shitty design of our website, none of us are webmasters :)

Ausics.* services are purely free and non commercial offerings, run and funded by Brisbanite Noel Butler as a hobbyist service, it remains separate from any commercial services, hosting or otherwise, and is maintained by only a small group of people who may or may not have a life, so just in case, please be patient if you need to contact us.
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